Sunday, August 2, 2009
Do you remember the attached letters? Do you remember the other letters, the phone calls other family members made to you, begging you to help us help my mother? Do you remember shooing away the ambulance, just minutes after you watched my mother seizure – denying her medical care when she probably needed it most?

May you never forget, bitch. May you live a long life, knowing that in my opinion and that of many, MANY other people who loved my mother, YOU are responsible for her death through sheer neglect and ignorance! May you grow to be a hundred years old, alone and unloved and with the guilt of knowing you murdered the ONLY good thing that came from you in your entire life. May your heart slowly eat you from the inside out, and when you go may it be the most excruciating, humiliating, disgusting way possible! And may people laugh at your remains!

My mother was a miracle. The fact a person with such morals, such modesty, such love and compassion, and such nobility came out of such a dirty cunt as you, is a fucking miracle. And now that she’s dead you have raped her body, and attempted to steal all her humanly possessions. May you rot in fucking hell you dirty fucking cunt, disgrace of a human being, bitch.

I’d kill you myself, if only I believed you deserved that quick a way out.

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