Saturday, February 14, 2009
I’m getting restless. In the past little while I’ve picked up knitting, fabric printing and a paint brush again. I’ve read an entire book that I found lying around my office during the course of 3 shifts. But even with a new hobby each week, and a new boy in the picture I’m not satisfied. It’s like I’ve always got to be going somewhere or doing something.

Yesterday I drove to Vancouver. For a minute or two in the morning, Squamish just felt too small for me. All I could think while on the way was, ’the US border is just an hour or so that way’. I had my 18-year-old niece with me. Maybe, if I have time for it and this urge to move doesn’t up and leave me, I’ll visit Flur next month. I want to go to Seattle. It’d be a nice change, being the odd Canadian driver on American streets, rather than the odd asshole with Washington plates on our roads, forgetting their high-beams on, blocking traffic, failing to give way, and driving slow in the fast lane of our Canadian highways. Sometimes, it feels like a curse living between the boarder and one of the world’s best ski resorts and usually, that’s when I’m either blocked or blinded by an American driver making their way up to the resorts.

The sun is coming out and the snow is melting. I’m starting to wake up early again, as if all the winter sleeping is done with and life can begin again. I wonder if it’s just the seasonal transition that makes me feel so restless? Maybe I should get a second job?

4 words of wisdom:

sea life said...

Glad to hear you got your peace.Forget about second job, enjoy your time ;D

Anonymous said...

Hey Kid when you coming back to see us , ya know we miss you .
Love Cross ♥

Tainted Female said...

Thank you sea life..

And Cross... LOL! You mean bloggers or NTer's? I made a shirt just for NT. As soon as I get the chance to have photos taken of me in it, I'll be sure to go back and post them - either that, or I'll have them posted for me...

;) Do hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

I ment NT , Look forward to seeing your shirt photo's when you get them , I have to get a Tee-Shirt made up for this girl at the casino thats buggin me , she is a server there , she is buggin me in a good way tho .
Drop in on NT and send me a PM , always love hearing from you.
Take care ♥


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