Thursday, November 27, 2008
Yesterday, the road report said the temperature was 2 degrees, at noon. I find that hard to believe because the chill of the breeze seemed to slice though my clothing and into my skin. I was almost sure I’d wake up this morning to find a coat of white snow covering everything in sight. The mountains surrounding this little town have been capped in snow for a couple of weeks now. It’s creeping in.

I hate the cold. And it doesn’t help that the sun seems to start setting around 4pm. By 5 you feel as though it’s about 11pm – time for bed; when really, you haven’t even had dinner yet. Winter is depressing for me. The next few months will not be easy.

3 words of wisdom:

black feline said...

my lovely's a long while ago...despair not..i will make u a super thick furball cardigan to keep u warm...meow!

Tainted Female said...

You know... I have two cats. One black & one white...

The black one's a male-bitch!

Good to see you.

adevents said...

all u need is a good long sweet huge i guess to make u feel warm!!!


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