Wednesday, September 10, 2008
I was woken last night just after 1am to the sound a train thundering through my yard. The tracks are just a few feet beyond my fence, and every time the train goes by my whole house shakes, like a mini earthquake interrupted only by the sound of the trains whistle blowing. It sucks. My first few nights here the last train on the day seemed to go by at 9.40pm – which totally isn’t a problem. But for two days now they have been creeping up into the wee hours of the morning. The night before last, it was 11.30, and last night quarter past 1. If a train goes by at 3am tonight, I think I’m going to wake up crying.

But seeing how the time of the train is my only real stress around here so far, I really shouldn’t complain. I’ve moved into my own place. It’s a dollhouse. Actually, as the landlord explained, she initially built it for her children as a playhouse but accidently built it too big for that. She then decided to add a bathroom and half kitchen and rent it out. It’s a tiny little cabin with a loft upstairs. It’s perfect for the little girl that I am, and will be even better when I get my python back and keep him as the guard-pet!

Life is treating me real well. I haven’t had a lot of time for the net lately, thus the lack of posts or entertaining stories shared. I would like to wish all a Happy Ramadhan, forgive me for being late.

5 words of wisdom:

CG said...

Ramadan Kareem Tainted.

So glad to hear about your 'dolls house'...I might just come and put my feet up there for a few weeks. Life here could do with a train rumbling through every now and then.... enjoy.

alexander... said...

Wow. The Canadian train torture...

adevents said...

yes Ramadan kareeem
that what i need right now "tiny little cabin with a loft upstairs" and a sound of train now and than and i can imagine lot of greens and wonderful weather now also

i*maginate said...

Oh - that means a little candlelit breakfast with roses amongst a presumably lovely backdrop - greenery in the distance as you awake.

Tainted Female said...

CG, you'd always be more than welcome and you know that. I miss you a hellofa lot!

Alexander, lol! That it truly is. One went by the night before last at like 1.20am, and the thing lasted for like 5 whole minutes. It must have been the longest train in history!

Adevents, the weather is still beautiful in the days -- nice and warm. But the nights get really, really cold. I have to keep the heater on permanently in the bathroom or I'll freeze my buns off every time I try to take a shower!

And exactly i*maginate. It's a beautiful place. I'll have to get some pictures soon!


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