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With everything else that’s been going on I imagine many of you thought I’d simply forgotten and forgiven Virgin Mobile Canada their atrocities. This is not true at all. In fact, I filed a formal complaint through the CCTS (Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services) which they responded to on February 20th as valid. Virgin was given 30 days to respond. Here’s how the conversation went:

To Whom It May Concern,

Virgin Mobile most definitely apologizes for any confusion surrounding the invoicing and cancellation of an account! We strive to provide the best service to all our members,

On September 2011, Ms ***** opened account 51858**** for a data stick, separate from her already existing mobile phone account numbered 51488****.

Following 2 months of non payment to this new account, the account was suspended for non payment and on December 3rd, 2011, the account was paid in full and requested by Ms ***** to be moved into her existing account upon reactivation (moved to account 51488****).

This action was performed, however, with the reactivation of service from non payment, a reactivation fee was charged to the account, as per the terms and conditions of service. This amount again remained unpaid and Virgin Mobile began to reach out to advise of this and avoid collections proceedings on this amount. In February 2012, Ms ***** reached out to Virgin Mobile via email and social media to dispute the fee, and Virgin Mobile, in good faith, credited this amount and ensured no notification on Ms ***** credit file to resolve the complaint.

Ms ***** believes that, despite the fee being valid for the non payment of her data stick account and the action taken to resolve the dispute, that this entitles her to cancellation of her mobile phone account without fee. While Virgin Mobile most definitely apologizes for any misunderstanding or confusion, it is the view of the TSP that as the two accounts were separate and the charges were in fact valid—which have been credited in goodwill— a cancellation of the initial account (51488****, activated May 2010) still holds the valid cancellation fees as per the terms and conditions of service. As Ms ***** has chosen to port her number to another provider by her own decision, prior to completing her agreement after Virgin Mobile resolved the complaint with a goodwill credit towards the disputed charges from account 51858****, these termination fees will require payment on the final invoice.

Again, Virgin Mobile does and has apologized for any confusion or misunderstanding with the accounts, and regrets that the complaint remains unresolved in Ms ***** ‘s opinion. As all action taken was appropriate for any disputed charges, it is the view of the TSP that no further investigation is required.

We appreciate your time and patience, and again, our sincerest apologies for any confusion,

Virgin Mobile

Bullshit. Pure Bullshit.

Here’s my response(s) (after I responded the first time, I found ANOTHER screw up they made on my account, if you can believe it!) These are typing errors and all, as I was LIVID while writing them:

This is neither an acceptable response nor a resolution – as you are still not keeping accurate record of my account:

“As Ms ***** has chosen to port her number to another provider by her own decision, prior to completing her agreement after Virgin Mobile resolved the complaint with a goodwill credit towards the disputed charges from account 51858****, these termination fees will require payment on the final invoice.”

The only phone I had on contract with you was my BB (250*********), that number is still active with Virgin and is still being paid at the minimum amount. It is switched off and I am not using it and I have cancelled my talk plan, as I did purchase a new phone number from Koodo - but I am still paying the Blackberry Bundle that my contract with Virgin demands.

In September 2011 when I purchased the internet stick, I advised your sales representative that I already had a Virgin account and was told the internet stick would be added to it. I did NOT authorize a new account being created nor was I advised of this happening – this is all the doing of your representative.

The internet stick went unpaid for 2 months because you guys never billed me for it. In November 2011, I went into your kiosk at Mayfair Mall to ask about it and was only then made aware of the two accounts you had created. I was told by the employee in your kiosk that after paying the complete internet stick bill it would be combined with my original account and this issue would be taken care of. I paid all fees owing immediately and have ever since been paying the internet stick fees with my regular bill, most often in advance! How am I now being held responsible for disconnection fees (you have so kindly since waved) for your mistake and your inability to actually bill me for a product for 2 months? At the same time as sorting this internet stick event out, I purchased a new cell phone (without a tab, and without a contract) and telephone number for my father: 778********. The next day, I got a letter form you in the mail threatening my credit and saying I owed $72 for the internet stick. You can mail your threatening credit letters but you can’t mail or email even an actual bill so I’m aware of the double account situation?

I have since cancelled the internet stick – which I am fine with paying the remaining tab amount owing for. I ported out my father’s cell phone number 778******* at the onset of this event. My original Blackberry number 250******* (which holds the contact you speak of on the original account) is still active with Virgin, and I am still paying the minimum monthly data payment for this as per contract. I have attached a screen shot of what is showing as my current plan with Virgin.

Now you are telling me you want me to pay penalties for this as well? I ported a telephone number away from Virgin that had no contract. The telephone number that has the contract is still with you.

You guys can’t even keep your account records straight enough to realize when I AM STILL KEEPING TO MY CONTRACT AGAINST MY WILL. You are constantly threatening me and my good credit rating, while screwing up the details of my account with you.

I believe this is more than sufficient reasoning for you to cancel any and all accounts you have created in my name, and not hold me to your contract penalties. If you did keep abusing me, I wouldn’t be so terrified to use your services I have to go elsewhere! Your apologies are not enough. I should not be forced to deal with you, or penalized anymore for your mistake.

I would really appreciate a more reasonable resolution that doesn't include me having to deal with a company that I cannot trust here.

And my second response:

As I was about to log out of my Virgin account I see that you guys HAVE cancelled my BB Plan stating "As requested to be removed on March 31, 2012". I've attached the same I would like to see proof of where and when I removed this service - a recorded telephone call, a letter please. I did NOT ask you to cancel this, but ONLY my talk and text plan. I did NOT port this telephone number out as you say below.

I don't know if it's even possible for you guys to further mess up a paying client's account! How is it you are STILL trying to penalize me for your consistent mistakes?

Seriously, if you’re thinking about signing up with Virgin, get tested as they WONT STOP FUCKING YOU! If you ARE already signed up with Virgin and they are fucking you too, I HIGHLY suggest you contact the CCTS!

To read all about how Virgin keeps assaulting me, click here

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